LCJSMS Washington D.C. Trip

Trip Dates: 5/29/24-5/30/24

The Board of Education has given us approval for an overnight trip to Washington, DC, on Wednesday, May 29th and Thursday, May 30th, 2024. As the center of our nation's government, Washington, DC, provides a variety of educational opportunities that are not readily available in many other locations. The various sites visited are rich with history and provide hands-on experiences for students. There is much to plan and organize in order to maximize the educational benefits that this experience offers to the eighth graders. 2023 was the 26th time this trip was taken with an eighth grade class. Our evaluation of that experience was that it was both successful and one that we should continue to offer. The educational and social benefits experienced by the children more than balanced the time and energy needed to plan the trip.  We hope, through careful planning, we can build on the success of our previous years of experience and make your child's trip every bit as successful.

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